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Mrs Clucks Pasture Raised Free Range Eggs are so much more than free range

Pasture Raised Free Range Eggs


CoopeCabana Chicken Caravans

Mrs Clucks Eggs

Every single one of Mrs Clucks eggs comes from Pasture Raised Free Range hens, and that’s just as good as it sounds! It also means our hens each get a minimum of 6 square metres of pasture to roam, and they sure do love to roam around fresh open fields in there Coop eCabana RV  for their perfect picnic spot

Because the hens keep the pastures fertilised themselves, and regular rotation keeps the pastures healthy and covered in fresh grass, we never need to use any harmful chemicals on any of our farms.

Mrs Clucks hens love the naturally varied diet that they get to forage all year round, and we know that you’ll taste the difference in the eggs that they lay!

With acres of fresh pasture to roam from morning till night, our hens get to frolic and forage to their heart’s content, dining on a natural feast of grass and goodies every day in addition to the carefully formulated supplemental feed that we provide for them. That makes for eggs that are more delicious, more nutritious, and unquestionably ethical

11 Ways to cook eggs

Eggs really tie breakfast together. They’re great in so many ways: inexpensive, easy to prepare, cook quickly, and offer a solid source of protein.



Investment from $22,700 + GST per egriTech Chicken Caravan.

Rental of $5,000 per annum will be paid to you monthly ($416/month) GST if applicable.

Our estimated ROI is 20% return per year over 5 years + 5 Year + 5 year Option. 


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PROOF is an Australian certification program for free range, pastured eggs, pork, chicken, beef and lamb from animals that have been raised on pasture in open fields


The bar is rising for what’s considered a happy chicken, sparking the hottest trend in the market: the pasture-raised egg.


Concern over animal welfare is driving demand for ‘pastured’ eggs as an alternative to caged and free range production. Jennifer Nichols

ABC Rural

Animal welfare proved a key concern for more than 12,500 people who took part in a CSIRO survey commissioned by Australian Eggs, an industry marketing and research and development group CSIRO

commissioned by Australian Eggs



Eggs aren’t just delicious, they’re incredibly nutritious. There’s a good reason eggs are often referred to as nature’s multivitamin – they’re one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

  Australian Eggs